Ofsted & SEN-D Local Offer


Children’s independent learning is supported by the nursery environment, which has stimulating resources that children can access and choose from.

All that should be enjoyable and preparing the children for the future.

Children are supported to develop key communication, physical and social skills to help them gain the skills they need as they move up within the nursery and on to school.

Children are prepared for school by the practitioners in the pre-school room because they understand the importance of supporting children’s emotional well-being and developing strong foundation skills.

We believe that the child comes first and that the children’s opinions should be sought and listened to. Our aim is to help every child reach their potential and endeavor to make sure that equality of opportunity is real for the children and staff. We are sympathetic to family circumstances and needs. Help and advice is always available.

Children settle happily in the nursery because they have good relationships with warm, caring practitioners who know them well.

Children develop good relationships with each other and share the good messages that they learn.

Parent’s comment that they are very happy with the nursery and that practitioners are caring, loving and that ‘every child matters’.

We employ qualified staff who all attend regular training courses to update their knowledge. We feel that the being of children in our care depends upon the skills enthusiasm and experience of our staff.

Practitioners are encouraged to develop their practice and several are working towards the next level in their childcare qualifications.

Home cooked meals nutritious and delicious.

Children develop their independence and communication skills and learn healthy habits for life as practitioners sit, chat and eat lunch with them. They enjoy serving themselves freshly cooked meals.

SEN & D Local Offer

Where a child has special educational needs, we will endeavour to accommodate them within the nursery. We work in partnership with parents to accommodate your child’s needs.